ABN’s ‘Ten’ Sales Intel Groups have helped build high-trust business relationships and a huge, ever-increasing amount of new business.

Following the very successful takeover of ABN Ten Groups by James Allan of Flux for A10 and Steven Smith of Appsure for Q10, we’re delighted to announce that Aberdeen Business Network have recently appointed four more Ten Group managers. They join longstanding managers John Willis of 2 Circles Communications for L10, Jason Moir of XIC for X10 and Andrew Smith of ABN who remains manager to the remaining 2 groups.

We welcome Siobhan Jaffray of SJ Nutrition as new group manager to S10, Leigh Reid of ETPM to G10, Craig McGill of Rubycom to J10 and Graeme Forbes of Precise Communications to C10. These individuals have benefitted from involvement in ABN Ten groups as members for a while now, so we’re confident that they’ll achieve great success in managing their respective groups going forward.

A huge thank you to all our brilliant ABN Ten group managers and the best of luck to Siobhan, Graeme, Craig and Leigh

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