All good things must come to an end… including ‘Cows, Not Cow: How to make your networking really work’ Season 2! Many thanks to all our brilliant guests for joining us in a successful series.  

In Season 2, Andrew and John were joined by various guests at different stages in their own networking journeys to ask them how they started,  how they’ve progressed and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

In the final 5 episodes, we spoke to James Allan of Flux for a fun & honest chat with plenty of discussion on growing your confidence, Mark Hay of Henderson Loggie (who remembers his first networking experience as an accountant very well!), Steven Smith of Appsure who began networking within an intimate ABN Ten Group, Nicky Carnie for a laidback and fun chat about Cognition Coaching and her experience with Contact Builder, and finally for episode 10 and a perfect season finale – Leigh Reid of ETPM!

Thank you for the shares, subscribers, ratings, likes and feedback! And a very, very huge thank you to John Mellis and Mellis Media, we really couldn’t have done it without you! A great producer and awesome co-host.

And if you missed it, Season 1 seen the duo discussing the four stages of networking – Before, During, After and Ever After, explaining how to make the journey from fearful networking novice to accomplished pro! Binge both seasons by clicking here

For those interested in a possible Season 3, we’re focusing on our services, clients and 2022 plans right now. But never say never, we would love to return in the near future.

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