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Aberdeen Business Network (ABN) provides a unique and highly effective range of 6 offline business development solutions to North East businesses & organisations, as well as the free, online 7000+ member Community.

contact builder

ABN Contact Builder is a unique and extremely effective one-on-one relationship-building service, originally launched by ABN in 2014. Each month a growing number of members are matched with two other members to encourage the building of new relationships and the development of existing relationships.



We understand that you might want to increase awareness for your business or organisations even further, so we’ve got that covered too!



Since our first ABN Networking event in 2009, ABN members have been developing relationships in person via two event formats that have developed based on member feedback. And don’t worry, we don’t do stuffy networking and we don’t leave people standing on their own!



ABN members told us that they’d like some help with their networking, so we put together these two sessions!



We work best when we work together - and that’s the ethos behind ABN’s ‘10’ Sales Intel Groups.



ABN Gold is the Premier Membership of ABN, giving members a wide range of additional benefits to further increase visibility, great connections and new business opportunities. ABN Gold Members win more business (and save money too! See below). However, Gold membership is strictly limited to 100 members max at any one time.

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What is ABN Community?

We launched ABN Community in July 2008 as a way for local businesses and organisations to network online for free. 11 years later, ABN Community is used by over 7000 people to raise their profile, make connections and gain new opportunities.

How do I use ABN Community?

Similar to what you probably already do on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, ABN Community gives you the chance to share more information about your business/organisation and what you do, add content (discussions, blogs, videos and events), make online connections with new/existing contacts, chat, develop new opportunities and have some fun!

Why should I use ABN Community?

ABN Community links perfectly to all ABN’s offline services too. Giving you a unique method of taking your online activity offline and your offline activity online. Over the last 11 years, our most successful business-winning members have combined both elements to benefit both themselves and their businesses.

With 7000 members and growing daily. Connect, engage, raise your profile and win more business, for FREE!



ABN Networking events will help you grow the quality and quantity of your contact sphere and develop new opportunities with more north-east business and organisations

ABN Gold events give you the chance to develop relationships with ABN’s best-networked embers, as well as further opportunities at joint events with other networking organisations

Members have won £18m in new business.

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