“When I started my own business, by pure chance ABN was the first networking group I ever attended. Since then I've tried them all: and some suit me, my business and my personality more than others. ABN suits me down to the ground and I love the people I meet there. Being a Gold member in my opinion is a no brainer - if you go to a half decent amount of events it more than pays for itself, but more importantly it shows support and commitment to an amazing community of people who can't wait to help you, and your business. Easiest decision ever!”

Graham Kelly | Aberdeen Leaflet Delivery UK
Gold Members

Quite simply, our ABN Gold Members make more money. They also save money. And they make more new connections and enjoy much higher levels of online and offline visibility. So how does that work then?

ABN Gold is the Premier Membership of ABN, giving members a wide range of additional online and offline benefits that give Gold members that special edge.

Membership benefits

  • 4 FREE networking events per year (including joint events with other networks such as BNI Scotland North, Elevator and Grampian Business Finders)

  • An unlimited 20% discount on ALL ABN services

  • Guaranteed introductions to other Gold members

  • Featured Member status on ABN Community

  • Featured content on ABN Community

  • Click thru logo on this website

  • Gold Member Insights on ABN Community, Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter

  • Free quarterly members-only competitions

  • More social media mentions

  • Exclusive Gold member-to-member special offers

  • And an absolutely beautiful ABN Gold name badge!*

*not actually made of real gold!

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