Contact Builder

1-1 Business Matching That Works

Networking works….but do you like building quality relationships one-on-one? Since its launch in 2014, ABN Contact Builder has helped hundreds of our clients gain more quality contacts, build great relationships and win new business worth over £5m.


Structured, informal or both

Since our first ABN Networking event in 2009, our attendees have developed thousands of relationships and won millions of pounds in new business via different networking event formats.

Advertising & Sponsorship

14,000 eyes are waiting!

Are you looking to increase visibility for your business/organisation? Or maybe you’d simply like to drive more traffic to your website. If you’d like to get great value for your advertising and sponsorship investment, we have unique opportunities to get you, your messages and your company engaging with the local business community.


Our Premier Memberships

Quite simply, our ABN Gold Members make more money. They also save money. And they make more new connections and enjoy much higher levels of online and offline visibility. So how does that work then?

ABN clients have won well over £25m in new business

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