``I've had the pleasure of being part of ABN for nearly 5 years now and it's been a game-changer for me both personally and professionally. From the intel shared to valuable networking opportunities and having a sounding board to bounce new business ideas off, the support I've had since being in ABN has allowed me to be able to grow my business and my network. For anyone looking to grow their network and win more business, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend ABN.``

Siobhan Jaffray | SJ Nutrition/Ten Group Member

Launched in 2008, Aberdeen Business Network (ABN) provides a unique and highly effective range of 6 networking services to North East businesses and organisations, as well as the free, online 7000-member ABN Community. ABN Clients have now won well over £27m in new business!

The ability to combine the right networking service(s) with a unique online business community gives our clients a huge advantage in their business development activities. Options include networking events, business-matching (Contact Builder), 15 x ‘Ten’ sales intel groups, networking skills training, premier memberships (ABN Gold) and online advertising (on ABN Community) & event sponsorship opportunities.

The Benefits

Based on on-going member successes over the last 16 years, we guarantee to help local businesses and organisations achieve 3 key things:

Higher Visibility

Both offline & online.

More Connections

From within a constantly growing network of over 7000 local people.

New Business

100% of consistently active members win more business.

ABN Team

Leigh Reid

Leigh is the new director of ABN and responsible for all ABN’s networking services. She is extremely passionate about helping our clients build relationships to gain new business opportunities.

Jeanette Lowe (aka J-Lo)

Jeanette is our Network Manager. She helps our clients and ABN Community members grow their online presence and effectiveness, and is also responsible for social, communication and assisting at events. She is there to help with any introductions you would like!

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Since 2008, north-east companies have been using ABN networking services to win over £27m in new business.

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ABN clients have won well over £27m in new business

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