“I attended my second M4 event yesterday and this by far the most supportive, dynamic and engaging event I’ve attended. I would definitely recommend it to other business owners.“

Mia Middleton | Dorn Method Therapist

Since our first ABN Networking event in 2009, our attendees have developed thousands of relationships and won millions of pounds in new business via different networking event formats.

We don’t do stuffy networking! We do welcoming, friendly and fun, whether you’re new to networking, an old hand or somewhere in between. And we don’t leave people standing on their own! Instead, you can build both new and existing relationships in person.

Networking formats

Meet-Everyone M4 Networking

These very popular bi-monthly events follow a unique, structured and effective format that allows all attendees to meet everyone else in the room – guaranteed. Based around 1-minute pitches in groups of 4, our M4 format will help you quickly increase your contact sphere and sharpen your all-important elevator pitch

Before Noon (B4N) Networking – B4N

Is the complete opposite of M4 (although it’s also bi-monthly!)! If you like your networking events chilled and informal, that’s where B4N comes in. First-time attendees are also allocated their own ‘Connector’ (some of our more experienced delegates) to help them settle into the event and every delegate can pre-request introductions that are made at the event.

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£120 Networking

If you’re planning on attending at least three upcoming ABN Networking Events, save money with the any-3-events-for-£120 option, with no use-by date. In other words, network more, pay less!

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