ABN are delighted to share the business success and positive impact one of their members, Szymon Burzynski of GB Tarpaulins, has had since joining.

Szymon Burzynski of GB Tarpaulins recently shared the benefits being part of ABN has had on his business: “ABN was crucial in building our family business as it has made the scaling up process a lot easier.

This being the first and, so far, only networking group that I’m a part of it has helped me gain confidence in the business world. I’ve developed great relationships with every member of my Kten Group and look forward to our relaxed fortnightly meeting. Connections just from my group alone have helped me secure three contracts totalling to date over £15k, thanks to which we are now looking for a new premises as our business grows.

Through introductions to members of other Ten Groups I’ve gained more work, and it has helped me immensely to get the word out about GB Tarpaulins.

GB Tarpaulins’ story perfectly illustrates how ABN can make a real difference for businesses, helping them to land contracts, expand businesses, and take them to the next level. And they’re not alone – many other businesses have experienced similar success thanks to ABN.

ABN Director Leigh Reid said: “We were delighted to receive this feedback, which shows the benefits of being part of ABN, and the Ten Groups in particular, and how this can contribute to new business won and growth.” ABN is a powerful tool for businesses looking to grow and succeed. By providing a supportive network of peers and resources, ABN helps businesses navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve their goals with confidence.

ABN’s goal is simple: to help businesses grow by fostering meaningful connections and partnerships. Whether you’re a startup trying to get off the ground or an established company aiming to reach new heights, ABN offers a supportive environment where businesses of all sizes can come together to share ideas and opportunities.

For any business looking to unlock new opportunities and accelerate their growth, ABN is the place to be!

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