“As an ABN Gold member, I have to thank Leigh for inviting me to join. I attend all ABN events, whenever possible, this has been very beneficial for us at North East Services as well as me as a person I have connected with amazing people and made some lifelong friends along the way.”

Jacqui JohnstonNorth East Services

“Worth Every Penny”

Bruce RussellRight People

“ABN Gold Membership allows Elevator’s staff members to benefit from the extra visibility, connections and new opportunities. We have seen huge benefits from upgrading to ABN Gold.”

Elevator UK

“ABN Gold Membership is a great way of raising the profile for our business and has been very successful in gaining new clients and creating some excellent contacts and relationships. The benefits of being a Gold Member are excellent”

Norman CrightonTyre Devotion

“Delighted to be an ABN Gold Member and in the G10 Sales Intel Group – thoroughly enjoy working with you as supplier, customer and banterer – thank you for the extremely valuable networking that ABN provides”

Karen StewartThis Little Piggy

Business is booming – another 4 new clients this week.  2 referrals from existing ABN clients and 1 through ABN networking – so my ABN Gold membership is worth every penny!”

Karen MooreKM Business Support