“For anyone thinking about advertising with ABN, I would say it is simple to do, affordable and has allowed Northwood to reach lots of existing contacts, as well as new ones. We would definitely recommend it!”

Laura MearnsNorthwood Aberdeen

“Thank you for all your help and support with the event. It was great and I am glad everyone enjoyed the presentation.”

Anurag RaiSuperhuman In You

“We have now been lucky enough to have sponsored a few events both B4N and M4 and to say they have a been invaluable to Tyre Devotion is a understatement, we have grown some great business relationships and have gained new clients and raised awareness of our company.”

Norman CrightonTyre Devotion

“We have helped raise our profile by sponsoring events and making sure we are present at majority of the events.”

Darren AggasildRose Recruitment

“Thank you Andrew and ABN for giving us this opportunity to showcase our business. It was lovely to host such a nice bunch of people into our venue”

Stefania PiccardoNamaste Delhi

“Delighted to have picked up a new client last week thanks to advertising done through ABN. Love being part of this group!”

Siobhan JaffraySJ Nutrition

“Through advertising on ABN recently we have gained clients, with more quotes in the pipeline! Advertising does work and has been well worth the small fee!”

Johnny MontgomerieEmerald Eco

“I know from the results that advertising on ABNCommunity has greatly increased our visibility and given is new business opportunities”

Alan MoirFyfe Moir & Associates

“Another fabulous M4 Networking event. Really enjoyed the event and already seeing the benefits of our sponsorship with new clients on board”

Norman CrightonTyre Devotion