Ten x Ten = 100!

So what are these groups all about then? They’re small groups of 10 business owners and sales/BD professionals who meet fortnightly to share market intel and work collaboratively to help each other with new business opportunities. Small, intimate groups means high quality and high trust relationships. So it’s no surprise these groups generate very high levels of new business.

The ABN Awards 2019

We celebrated the end of a great year alongside our members on 18th December at 8848 Restaurant in Aberdeen. Starting the day with a Before-Noon networking event, we went on to announce the 2019 Community Award winners, who had all received multiple votes from their fellow members.

The ABN Awards 2019!

They’re like The Oscars, but different! It’s almost time for our annual awards, a chance for ABN Community members to recognise some of their fellow members for the help & support they’ve provided to others throughout this year. Voting opens at the start of December and all the awards will be presented at the Before…