Following interest from an ABN member it was decided to launch an Internationally Focused ABN ‘Ten’ Sales group. The trial run in June was such a success that the new group is becoming well-established and has had some excellent meetings so far.

ABN Director Leigh Reid said “We’re very excited to launch this new internationally focused group as part of the growth of our ‘Ten’ sales groups. The group will cater for those based in Aberdeen but with an eye to international sales and markets.”

The new Dten group (some of whom are pictured above) is made up of Leigh Reid/ABN, Alice Arandia/Finch Global, Neil Williamson /LFH Engineering, Jen Taylor/Consortiq, David Spence/Lockton, Corry Sutherland/EnerMech, Siobhan Jaffray/ SJ Nutrition, Julian Nelson/Oceanscan.

Alice Arandia of Finch Global said “Really enjoying being part of the new DTen group – a supportive, proactive group of people, interested in sharing sales and market intel not only from Aberdeen but international opportunities as well. I think this is a great addition to ABN’s Tens networking groups.”

The launch of Dten continues to build on the recent growth of the ‘Ten’ groups with 16 groups across Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Inverness and now internationally. Further Aberdeenshire based groups are also planned for this year.

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