Starting with the launch of the first Ten Group in October 2009, we now run 13 groups of 10 members each. Members meet fortnightly and the aim of the groups is to share sales/market intel to help their fellow members, as well as sharing their own updates and requests for help.

We are delighted to have our newest Ten Group Managers in place, Gillian Hambley/Interface of Eten, Nicole Strachan/Munro’s Travel of Gten, Phil Bellringer/SBP Accountants of Bten, Elliot Myers/Portakabin of Iten and Greg Napier/Carbon group of Vten – who join our existing Managers; James Allan/Flux Creative of Aten, John Willis/2 Circles Communication of Lten, Andrew Reid/Inspire of Mten, Siobhan Jaffray/SJ Nutrition of Sten, Jason Moir/XIC of Xten, Maggie McManus/VMS Vehicle Hire of Qten, Phil Rennie/Tekserv of Tten and Phil Buchan/Jim Reid Vehicle Sales of Rten. All Ten groups include business owners/professionals from a range of sectors and the Managers are in place to help members achieve more success by building stronger relationships and further increasing the high business won levels in their groups.

These appointments come as the ‘Ten’ groups continue to grow with the recent launch of two new groups in Aberdeen, one in Peterhead and one in Inverness – and further plans for another two groups in the New Year. 

A massive thank you to all our brilliant ABN Ten Group Managers, we have no doubt the groups will continue to go from strength to strength!

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