If you’ve been to some networking events recently you’ll have picked up on the extra buzz – contacts meeting in person for the first time in 2 years, or meeting contacts in the real world after starting to get to know each other online, as well as all the new contacts that a long break brings

So what can we do to make best use of the return of in-person networking events? Here are 3 quick tips:

1. Book some events – and attend! Your clients, suppliers and contacts are out there networking – go and join the conversations. Most networking events have restarted so there are lots of event options, including formal and informal, at all times of the day (click here to view ours!)

2. Turn your online connections into real world contacts – if you’re chatting with someone you first connected with on Linkedin and maybe attended some virtual events together, seek them out at an event you’re both attending. Then arrange a coffee chat to get to know each other better

3. Speak with your ‘old’ contacts too! – if you’ve not seen each other for 2 years, lots will have changed in that time! Make a point of having a chat and kick-starting that relationship. Are you both still doing what you used to do? Do you have new products/services and messages? And how can you help each other?

We’re all busy. But try to make time to get out networking to boost your relationships, even if that’s just one event per month. Tap into the energy of these events and you and your business/organisation will benefit

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