It’s not actually the best approach for work!

Of course we’re going to talk about work when we’re representing our business/organisation at a networking event. However, please remember that talking solely about work isn’t the best way to build work relationships 

So how does that work then?? Quite simply, we’re chatting with other people (not robots!) and as people we talk about all sorts of different things. And when we do this, we relax and get to know others more quickly

But aren’t we wasting time and money by using a business networking event to talk about topics other than work? Not at all. There’s always time to talk about work and it will inevitably come up when the time is right, usually at the start of a conversation, at the end and when following up. And these work conversations develop much more quickly when rapport has already started to develop 

So next time you’re networking, of course you’ll want to share what you do, how you do it and who you do it for. Ask questions, try to find out more about the other person (not just their business) and enjoy the results

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