But which ones work most effectively?

Any networking organisation/format that’s been running for years will be effective for most of its attendees, otherwise why would they attend?? And networking events give us the chance to develop relationships, so it’s wrong to say that an event/format doesn’t work. However, it may not work best for you compared to other options

Some networkers prefer highly structured events, others more informal; some people are at their best in the mornings, others later in the day; some delegates want to network mainly with people they know, while others want to regularly meet new contacts

So the options are different because everyone is different! That’s why we should always try different networking formats to see which we’re most comfortable with and if we can see them being beneficial for our own relationship-building. It’s only then that we can make an assessment of whether or not we’ll go back again. If you see a new networking format in your area – or one you’ve not tried before – don’t rely solely on others’ feedback as they have different traits and preferences to you. Go and check it out for yourself. Then decide

Find our event calendar and book ABN networking events via ABN Community or Eventbrite. We offer a choice between two formats – structured M4 in the afternoon, or relaxed B4N before noon. And browse our range of business services to help you meet even more new people, grow your visibility and win more business.