It’s now over 10 years since the launch of our first sales intel group group, Sten, with well over £6m in new business won by group members. Especially during this Covid/lockdown period, these fortnightly video meetings have led to even stronger relationships and new business opportunities in a tough marketplace

One of our ABN Gold Members, the commercial cleaning company Tidy Green Clean, are now represented in 5 of the 11 Ten groups! Andrew Alleway is a long-standing member of the Lten Group; as is Grant Peterkin in the Mten Group; Igors Krumins is in the Jten Group; Callum Cruickshank recently joined the Xten Group; and now Scott Melville has joined the Cten Group

Igors Krumins, director of Tidy Green Clean North said: “Across different Ten groups, TGC directors are developing great relationships and new business opportunities. When we hired Scott Melville in a new business development role, we were extremely keen to get him involved too”
“Tidy Green Clean continue to grow rapidly”, said Andrew Smith, director of ABN. “We greatly appreciate their on-going business and really enjoy seeing so many of the TGC team across the groups!”
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Members have won £18m in new business.

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