Over the last 7 years, hundreds of local businesses have joined us as ABN Contact Builders, meeting two other business people each month, developing relationships, supporting each other and winning new business. However, this year is the first time that a Contact Builder membership has been given as a present!Mike Murray of Cegal and James Smith of KJS Vent Solutions have been friends forever! James’ business is still quite young and building. So Mike decided he’d help James’ business development by purchasing a Contact Builder membership for him!

Now James is underway with new relationships and new opportunities (exactly what Mike had in mind!)Well done to both Mike for your generosity and James for developing your new business into what we’re sure will be a big successJames said ‘Mike and I have been friends for years and he was a great support especially when I was setting up my business. The Contact Builder membership was a welcome surprise and very generous of him! I’m already enjoying meeting other business owners and BD professionals and developing relationships with them”Andrew Smith, director of ABN said “It’s great to have James and KJS Vent Solutions on board as a Contact Builder, thanks to Mike’s generosity!

I’ve already had a Contact Builder meeting with James and it was great to hear more about his expertise and plans for the business”—To find out more about Contact Builder click here