A modest amount, regularly

” When you sort of commit, you’re likely to fall” Seth Godin

Like any other business development or marketing activity, our networking is most effective when it’s done regularly. A little, regularly works well. Bingeing, then nothing for weeks or months, doesn’t. But how often is ‘regular’?

There’s no specific answer to this as it depends on the time and financial resources you can commit to networking. It could be twice-weekly, weekly, fortnightly or monthly (it shouldn’t be any less than monthly). The most important thing is to do it regularly. Why?

Quite simply, if you choose to network every now and then, you develop ‘every now and then’ relationships. These relationships have no real depth and you’re not going to stay at the front of others’ minds if they hear of a potential opportunity for you.

What I’d recommend is planning your networking in advance and booking events to make sure you attend events regularly. Life and work things can of course sometimes get in the way. But if you’ve made bookings then you’re much more likely to attend and gain the benefits of consistent relationship-building via consistent networking.

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