Our ‘Ten’ sales intel groups recently passed the 10-year anniversary of the launch of the first group, Sten. Well, over £5m in new business has now been won by group members.

And now it’s time for a huge thank-you to one of our ABN Gold Members, the commercial cleaning company Tidy Green Clean. Not content with being a member of one of our groups – they’re now members of FOUR!

Andrew Alleway is a long-standing member of the Lten Group; as is Grant Peterkin in the Mten Group; now Igors Krumins has joined the new Jten Group; and from June 1st, Callum Cruickshank joins the Xten Group!

Andrew Alleway said: “I’m delighted that Tidy Green Clean is now represented across four of ABN’s ‘Ten’ Sales Intel Groups. Beginning with our membership of the Lten Group, we’ve found this format to be extremely effective for building excellent business relationships and generating new clients”

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