It’s the most important piece of paper at (and before) any event.

Why? Because this is where your pre-event preparation really starts. Think about it: if you were going to meet two potential new clients or introducers, wouldn’t you want to know their names, their company name(s) and what their businesses did? That’s how we should look at a networking event where there are 20, 30, 40 or more potential new clients, suppliers, contacts or introducers.

Some networkers think that it’s a little cold and calculating to get a delegate list in advance and ‘target’ the people you’d like to speak with. I assure you it’s absolutely not! It’s simply good preparation and seeking to maximise the results of your networking time. What’s wrong with that?

And remember that delegate lists can change in the last couple of days before the event (call-offs, call-ins and alternative attendees). So if you’re offered an updated list at the event, take it.

In the run-in to your next event, if you receive a delegate list, great. If not, ask for one. Then run through it and make a note of who you’d like to chat with and/or meet for the first time (the organisers should be able to help with this bit if you want). This targeted approach will make your networking much more effective. And after the event, you have a reminder of those who attended, who you spoke with and who you want to speak with next time.