It seems like 10 minutes ago that we had 3 ‘ten’ Sales Intel Groups – now we have 7! So thank-you very much to all members of (checking I’ve got the letters right!) Aten, Gten, Kten, Sten, Lten, Mten and Xten.

And 21 members of the different groups are making the annual trip to Elevator’s Business Awards at Ardoe House Hotel on June 27. These annual business awards are always a great night, with excellent networking opportunities. Of course!

The trip to the Elevator Awards is helped by 25% of ten Groups members’ fees going into a social/marketing pot. Over the years this has led to great trips to awards ceremonies, private dining, bowling and three trips to see the magnificent Montrose Football Club! Each time relationships have been started or developed, leading to much of the new business that makes up the £4.5m+ now generated via ten